I give kudo’s to Aristotle for his belief that people are immoral not their actions. Before the action was the person, therefore it was the person’s choice to do something negative!!!!!!

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Sign the contract

The social contract should include everyone due to it’s definition. If anyone was excluded then the contract technically could not be effective.

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Morality Of the Government

Many people have argued that the people who make up the government should be held to higher moral standards than the average citizen. In recent years we have seen that government officials have become negligent with their foul play and ignorant to the fact that the media is always watching. I think the government has been immoral and extremely flawed since conception, it’s just in recent years that the dirty laundry has been aired. I do believe the government is immoral because most of its members are.

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Aristotle on murder

Aristotle does not judge murder to be immoral because of the action itself. Instead he judges that person committing it. Only a person that was immoral would commit murder so therefore murder is immoral.

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The better of the two evils..

We all can determine that both Kant and Mill have good intentions in their beliefs but they may carry it a little too far. I find Mill to be a little more realistic. I have done things that I feel are wrong and I won’t do it again if I get away with it.(Most times I ¬†end up doing it untill I get caught) I feel as if Kant looses touch with reality and in a few of his examples, especially the one with the Grandmother

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Spreading the L.O.V.E….

Love motivates and inspires a lot of good in the world. My mother always told me that in order to love someone else you must first learn how to love your self. I am not sure if I fully understand Kants view on self love, but it seems to me that if I did something out of love for myself and it happens to do good then the outcome and the action would be null and voided. I do agree that we should be more self less. Sort of like tithing, an example that was brought up in class, I believe that more members do it not because they want to return to the Lord what is rightfully his. Instead they return it out of duty and fear, if they don’t tithe faithfully they may not make it to heaven. In a congregation like mine, not only is your soul on the line if you don’t tithe but you can also face disciplinary actions within the church as well. In my opinion, I don’t even think I agree completely with this either, but all that should matter is that I am returning my 10%. Not why but the fact that it was done. This may sound nasty but about 85% of the time that I cleaned my room, was out of fear that my mom would punish me if I didn’t. It was still clean and we weren’t embarrassed when we had company!!

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According to Kant, it is wrong to cheat on an exam because it is not a practice that can be universally put into place. The example that was used in class is, even if the whole class cheats and the professor does not accept it then it is wrong.

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My question for Mill

I am still struggling with how many people we should consider when judging if our actions will increase overall happiness. I s it just our immediate family, community or country. Where do we draw the line before we go crazy? I remember the example that was brought up in one of our class sessions about the firefighter saving the Jewish man. In some Jewish cultures it is wrong to be saved by a  firefighter because it goes again their biblical beliefs. Now should a firefighter ignore the wishes of the man and go in and save him, the firefighter would be happy, the community probably would be too. However should the mans family hear about the incident it would probably stir up controversy and decrease happiness.

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Reach for the star if you fall then…..

Reach for the stars if you fall short then you land on a cloud. I believe that if we look at utillitarianism in the same light then it won’t appear as demanding. Happiness is what we all strive for in life. Whether it be through money or through family, whatever the means the outcome we desire is happiness. Should each person pay attention to the happiness of others then our happiness should eventually come to pass. Are we human? Yes. So there will be times that our actions won’t increase overall happiness but the chances are greater that most times we will.

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Questioning Utilitarianism

The Idea that men should, in some cases, live without happiness is a reasonable practice in my eyes. The questions that came up around that is what makes utilitarianism so questionable, even to it’s supporters.To me it becomes so much more confusing when you have to judge the outcome of overall happiness. Who do we include? Who do we omit? What are we basing our choices off. I still am still not sure how exactly we go about that. I remember one of my classmates bringing up the point that what is acceptable here in America may bring overall sadness in another area. Where do we draw the lines?

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